Logo and rebrand for this sporting company based in Cheshire, England.

I started working with 2-do SPORT in 2013, developing their logo and branding to more reflect the positioning of the company to investors and students looking to buy classes.

The challenge for this project was to create a friendly logo a brand identity that was refined, had balance and would appeal not just to kids interested in sports, but would appeal to adult end users and investors alike. The previous branding and digital offering was lacking finesse, balance and any consistency.

The new logo had to have a sporting feel that the previous logo did not have. The business had its roots in the martial arts system of teaching and learning and this formed the basis for the new logo design for 2-do SPORT.

I worked with the 2-do sport team to develop a unique logo and brand identity that was flexible and approachable. It had to work on various mediums and different substrates.

The new logo design had balance and personality and appealed to both children and adults alike. As part of the brand identity, characters called Koki and Oki were designed that acted as mascots for the sports company. These illustrated characters are used on children’s sticker books and the 2-do SPORT web site. These character names have their routes in Japanese culture and martial arts.

The final logo design and subsequent brand identity was rolled out onto all marketing materials for the sporting franchise, including merchandise and brochures. The new logo and brand identity was very well received by all who were in touch with it. From investors to end users and the client is extremely happy with how it is helping him to grow his business.