So I'm a graphic designer in Scotland. How do I do that?

I've got 25 years' experience in design and I currently work with some fantastic clients and companies throughout the UK and overseas.

My clients include small local businesses, high profile entrepreneurs, large private sector companies, public and third sector organisations, and even the UK government. Yup, you read that correct.

Transparency is a great thing, so here goes…

I don’t have a fancy design office in Glasgow or a behind-the-scenes team of graphic designers who you never actually meet. It’s just me – the humble graphic designer.

I try not to say ‘we do this’ or ‘we do that’. I will always use the singular.

And I do all of this from my studio hot desk space in Prestwick – so you pay for creativity and ideas, not large fancy offices and lots of fluffy stuff you don’t actually need. You get the same top quality design as you would from a Glasgow or Edinburgh agency – but without the prices to cover the cost of their big city offices. And me, well, without the need to commute, I can devote all my time and energy into doing what I do best – creating “outstanding design” (one of my clients’ words). I can also provide a superb selection of locally sourced coffee and scones round my board room table.

Over the years I’ve built strong working partnerships with companies across the creative industry. I buy my print from a range of local and national companies, choosing the best printer for your job, at the most competitive price. I use a couple of cracking web development companies in Ayrshire, and I outsource other attributes of the creative process if and when I need to.

I also work hand in hand with other suppliers, including photographers, copywriters and signmakers to offer you the complete range of creative services you need to make your design project shine.

I don’t have a ‘house style’ like some other design agencies in the UK or abroad – I can turn my hand to suit any style of design. Well pretty much. In fact one friend said I had “…an uncanny knack to produce work that always hits the mark”. That pleases me. I must be doing something right.