Creation of name and brand identity for this Glasgow House building company.

I was tasked to develop their name and brand identity for their housebuilding business in Glasgow.

I was brought in to research and develop the name for the company and create and deliver the brand identity to roll out across all marketing materials. The design project included press advertising, web site, signage design and production, promotional material and sales suite material including sales boards and other marketing materials.

At the time I managed the advertising, design and web function of this fast growing housbeuilding company and built a strong relationship with the client for being honest and upfront regarding all aspects of the creative management process.

Creatively the brand identity and overall corporate identity was designed in such a way to allow complete flexibility of style. The style of which could easily be adapted and replicated to keep all the materials working and sitting together neatly to promote a friendly, approachable and non pretentious house builder.

Out were the static images of smiley happy people that you expect in these house builder ads, and in are the slightly more conceptual and creative images of things that represent the personality of the company and the properties. This ultimately helped them sell their homes.

All of this culminated in Merchant Homes winning a Herald Property award for both their marketing and showflats for their flagship development in the outskirts of Glasgow. This was a proud moment for the Merchant Homes marketing team (and me of course).