Rebrand for the world's leading children's designer wallpaper mural company.

I developed the logo and branding for this leading manufacturer of Designer wallpaper murals in late 2009 and the company has seen rapid growth ever since the rebrand (their words not mine).

I was approached through a chance encounter with Rachel Elnaugh to lend a branding hand with this unique company.

Jam CD Designs started life on 2001 as a supplier of kids novelty toys and laterally moved into the home decor market with their flagship product – Walltastic designer children’s wallpaper murals.

Within a very short space of time and without actually meeting the client, atom got to grips with the values and ethos of the company and produced a new logo and brand identity that was a better reflection of what the company stood for and wanted to achieve. The new brand identity has helped them into new markets and helped reposition them as the market leaders in this sector.

Julian Evans, M.D. of Walltastic said “Tom very quickly and instinctively knew how to visualise our new identity and apply that professionally and creatively into a logo that could esaily be adapted as our business grew from strength to strength – we are exrtemely proud of what atom have helped us to achieve through our new brand identity and for that we thank them.”